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We provide a wide selection of insurance policies, and companies with access to hundreds of different insurance products.  We sell life, and health insurance.  We'll even sell your old convertible term policy for cash profit.  If you need a large life insurance policy, but don't want to pay the premium, we can get it financed for your for ZERO or VERY little out of pocket.  We have the advantage of not being tied to any one company or product, which gives you the luxury of choice.  You'll find we are extremely competitive in today's marketplace. 

Brokerage Services

We offer a full range of wholesale and specialized brokerage services, including:

* Life Settlements
* Premium Financing
* Life Insurance
* Estate Planning
* Health Insurance

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Our Service Advantage

* Access to hundreds of Medical & Life Insurance products

* Low Premiums
* Personal Attention
* Outstanding Service 

* Serving California Since 1989
* Industry Credentials -- CLU, ChFC 

Life Insurance Companies: First Colony, Banner Life, TransAmerica, West Coast Life and many more.
Health Insurance companies Blue Cross and Blue Shield

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